How to buy the best electric toothbrush online in Kenya


Looking to buy the best electric toothbrush in Kenya? You have come to the right place.

In this deeply detailed guide, you will learn how to buy an electric toothbrush online so that you do not waste your money on something that does not work.

Trust me, it can be quite devastating trying to select your perfect electric toothbrush. Why? Everything out there looks perfect, there are a lot of offers thrust on your face, a lot of differing reviews.

But you do not have to despair. Buying the best electric toothbrush in Kenya is not as complicated as people make it sound. Whether you are buying it online on Jumia or Kilimall or any other place you prefer, this review will see to it that you get only the kind of brush you deserve.

If you still have second thoughts about buying an electric toothbrush in Kenya, perhaps you are missing out on the fact that the era of clumsy and less effective manual toothbrushes is slowly but surely slipping away. May be not any time soon. But when it happens, you don't want to be the last one running to keep up with the world.

It is time your buy an electric toothbrush.

People in Kenya have come to realize the benefits of an electric toothbrush in cleaning and whitening teeth over a manual toothbrush.  If you do not own one already, this is best chance to grab one and get your teeth looking whiter than they are.

If you are on a budgte, don't worry, this review will also show you how to buy a cheap electric toothbrush that is still as effective.

 But if you got a fat wallet and would rather go for a more quality, effective and durable toothbrush, do not worry,  we got you covered.

Before we dive into the guide, you might want to learn some of the benefits an electric toothbrush has over the regular or manual toothbrush.

But if you already know this, do not waste your time, scroll down and start learning how to buy the best electric toothbrush.

Benefits of an electric toothbrush over a regular toothbrush

1. It is more effective. You have probably used a manual toothbrush before. You understand how difficult it is to remove notorious plague and tartar that hide between your teeth using those soft bristles.

With an electric toothbrush, removing notorious stains from between your teeth is easier. This is because an electric toothbrush has a rotating head, which makes it possible for its bristles to reach between the teeth seamlessly.

2. An electric toothbrush fights gingivitis and gum disease. Since an electric toothbrush can reach the places in your teeth that a manual one would not, it can remove bacteria and other dirt that would cause this diseases.

3. An electric toothbush does the work for you. Unlike with a manual toothbrush where you practically do the brushing yourself, an electric toothbrush does the work for you.  Since you do not have to move it back and forth like the manual one, this makes it easier to use while remaining effective.

There are a lot more benefits of using an electric toothbrush in Kenya. I have just listed a few. I am sure after you get your own brush you will learn all the benefits while you use it.

Disadvantages of an electric toothbrush 

I would be biased in my review if I just outline the good things in an elctric toothbrush and leave out the bad ones. Just like any other product, there are advantages and disadvantages. No product is perfect.

These cons should not however greatly influence your decision to buy or not to buy an electric toothbrush. They are nothing but the normal mishaps of all products.

1. High cost. Compared to the normal toothbrush, an electric one has a price tag to put many buyers off. But since you care about your oral hygiene, you should be willing to invest in an effective electric toothbrush.

2. High risk of damage. Like any other appliance dependant on electricity, an electric toothbrush is prone to damage. If you overcharge them, drop or damage the battery, you might have to start thinking about buying a new one. But with great care and maintenance, these risks can be easily avoided.

How an electric toothbrush works and how to use it.

If you are the curious type and would like to understand the technology behind an electric toothbrush before using it, you need to read this. You should also need to understand how to use it espcially if you have never used one before.

As you already know, an electric toothbrush uses electric power to work. Most of them have bult-in rechargeable batteries and are not connected to electricity directly while using. That would make it look like a an iron box and if you find one like that, run away.

Like any other machine, an electric toothbrush has several components that come together to ensure its overall function.

The basic parts of an electric toothbrush include a battery, circuit, charging coil, motor, outer case, cam and gears etc.
Take a look at the picture below.

Source: ElectricTeeth

How it Works

When you press the power button, a switch on a circuit board is activated . This enables the motor to draw power from the battery which then enables it to spin/rotate.

When the motor spin, the cam and gear system converts the spinning motion of the motor into a back and forth motion that enables the bristles to clean your teeth.

When you look at the toothbrush head, there are several differences as outlined below:

1. Rotatary/spin toothbrush.  The head moves in a rotational motion of about 3, 000 to 7, 500 strokes per minute. In this case, the head moves in alternate directions known as rotation oscillation.

2. Sonic brushes. In this type, there is a side-to-side motion of about 31, 000 strokes per minute. That is like 10 times the speed of a rotary brush.

3. Ultrasonic toothbrushes. The side to side vibrations create a motion that makes it possible for the brush to easily remove plague and any other food remains lodged in teeth.

4. Ionic toothbrushes. These types of toothbrushes create a low electric current that attracts plague to the bristles of the toothbrush for effective cleaning.
If you  want to dig deeper into the actual technicalities of how an electric toothbrush works, feel free to browse online. I am sure a nerd somehwere worked their butt off to describe every centetimeter of an electric toothbrush just for your type.

How to use 

1. Before using, run your toothbrish under clean water then apply your favourite toothpaste on the bristles. You can alternatively apply the toothpaste on your teeth and spread it equally throughout your teeth and tongue. 
2. Gently place the brush on you teeth and gum line making sure to keep it at a 45 degree angle to your gum line for more effctive cleaning. Don't apply too much pressure lest you injure your teeth and gum.
3. Make sure to brush thoroughly starting from the outer to the inner surfaces of the teeth. 
4. Apply lesser pressure while brushing the gums. Don't brush too close to the gum line because that will cause it to recede over time.
5. Do not forget to brush behind your fron teeth. To do this, tilt the brush so that it stands in a vertical position. Use only the front half of the brush to make up and down strokes. 
6. While brushing your tongue and the biting surfaces of the teeth, use a gentle back and forth scrabbing motion. Clean your palate using an even gentler motion. 
7. For good results, spend at least two minutes each day brushing your teeth following the above instructions. 

There you are, you now officially know how to use an electric toothbrush.

Next, I am going to show you some of the consideration you need to keep in mind while buying an electric toothbrush.

Thing to consider when buying an electric toothbrush online in Kenya

Electric toothbrushes are not made the same way. They are of different models and sometimes may use different technology. It all comes down to your preferences.

But generally, these are some of the things you should consider when purchasing an electric toothbrush online.


Depending on your budget, you may go for a cheaper  or a more expensive toothbrush. Remember that the cheaper ones may not be as effective so it is prudent to invest on a more durable and effective brush irrespective of the price.

 I know most buyers love to look at the price before purchasing a product. But price should not be your sole consideration. What is the point of buying something cheap that lasts a week?

You should therefore weigh all the considerations to decide if the brush is worth your hard earned money. Unless you are livng on inheritance.

Rechargeable or battery powered

Eletric toothbrushes come in two types. Those that are rechargeable and those powered by disposable batteries.

Battery operated electric toothbrushes are usually cheaper and more portable than the electric powered ones. But again, you have to consider the cost of buying batteries. Rechargeable electric toothbrush do have a higher initial price but when you look beyond the price, you will find that they are more cost-effective.

Mode of operation

Apart from the basic or surface funtionality, electric toothbrushes do not precisely work the same way.

Some brushes, for instances, come with an in built timer that ensures you brush teeth only for the required amount of time. Others have pressure sensors to detect when you are brushing too hard.
It is up to you to decide what excites you more.

Expert recommendation

If the electric toothbrush is recommended by say, a dentist, that is a plus for you. Just make sure the dentist is not affiliated in any way to the product. That way they may be making a dishonest recommendation.

If a denstist recommends it, it means it has undergone the product quality test and probaly approved by quality assurance companies such as KEBS.

Should have a repleceable head

Dentists recommend that an electric toothbrush's head should be replaced at least once after every six months. Ensure also that the bristles are not too soft or too stiff as to hurt your teeth, tongue or gums.

What is the best electric toothbrush for children?

If you are buying an electric toothbrush for your kid, there are also different considerations you should have in mind.

Considering that their teeth are still smaller and young, a child's electric toothbrush would differ from that of an adult.

The considerations are generally the same as when buying an electric toothbrush for an adult.
But there are some things that are only specific to children.

These include size, colour, texture of bristles e.t.c.
Some kids' electric toothbrushes may also come with in built music players just to motivate your kid to brush their teeth more often.

The best electric toothbrushes to buy online

1. SG - 917 Inductive Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toobrush 

If you are looking for a phenomenal cleaning experience, this electric toothbrush should be your first choice.

The brush is designed to enable for deep and thorough cleaning of your teeth.  With a maximum vibration frequency of up to 35, 000 beats/ min, you are guaranteed a special and seamless brushing experience.

It also has a sensitive inductive charging design to enable for indirect contact with the charger for reliable and safe use.

This electric brush has three brushing modes: the super mode which whitens your teeth, the normal mode for usual cleaning and the massage mode for gentle stimulation and massage of the gums.

It comes with a coreless motor which makes it a great energy saver.


When you buy it for the first time  you have to charge for up to 16 hours to enable it to charge fully.

Before turning on the toothbrush, it is advisable that you put it on your mouth first so as to avoid toothpaste splash.  And if it is your first time using an electric toothbrush, you might want to try a gentler mode to avoid sensitive. As you adapt , you can change to other modes.

According to the manufacturers, a mode key will become a power button after 30 seconds of turning on without operation. You can however change the the three modes within three seconds.

2. SN801 Electric Toothbrush with Ultrasonic Vibration

This toothbrush comes with quite a price tag which is perfectly worth it if you are willing to spend the coin.

The brush has a sleek and smooth feel that will makes you feel proud while you hold it. It comes in different catchy and royal colours that makes it stand out from the rest.

This brush will make you grow closer to your brushing habits because it is something you can't wait to use every time.
You will enjoy using it for its smooth yet effective feel. It not only cleans your teeth but also might whiten them a shade or two.  It is surprisingly easy to use and also easy to wash.

It will keep you from oral diseases after regular use. Thanks to its ability to reach deep between the teeth and on the biting surfaces to dig out notorious food remains.
Its ultrasonic vibration greatly improves the efficiency of brushing making it just the perfect investment for the health of your teeth.

3. NST002 Eectric Toothbrush with Rechargeable Battery

This is another amazing invention made just for your teeth.
Like the first one, this electric brush also has three brushing modes; the cleaning, the relieving and the massaging mode just to ensure that your teeth get all the attention and care they need.

It has a round and oscillating brush head which makes it perfect for cleaning every inch of your teeth with great ease and effectiveness.  It has a vibration frequency of about 3000 r/min with an operation voltage of 3.2V-4.2V.

Its 3D design is quite admirable and lovable. When you hold it, you will know it belongs with your fingers. It provides for a firm grip to ensure that your brushing experience is not just memorable but also comfortable.

It safe, easy to use, convient and very easy to charge and use. You just have to charge it for between 12- 16 hours the first time you buy it.

If you plan to take it with you on a trip, its Li-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 600mAh will see to it that you continue enjoying your oral practices with your perfect brush. The battery is long lasting so you won't have to worry about going with a manual toothbrush.

How to clean an

 electric toothbrush

This may sound like something you don't need to be lectured on, but trust me, you may come back to read this after buying your electric toothbrush. You might as well just read it now.

I am assuming you will be keeping your electric toothbrush in your bathroom. That is one place that all kinds of bacteria love to call home. I know it does not occur to most people to clean their toothbrushes before using them.

A toothbrush is dump almost all the time, so it easily collects bacteria and other kinds of germs. If you have not been actively cleaning yours, it is time you start.

Here is how to thoroughly clean an electric toothbrush.

At least once in a month, you need to clean your electric toothbrush using a solution of bleach and water in a ratio of 1:10. That is one part water to 10 parts of bleach.

Submerge the toothbrush head in the solution for about an hour but before submerging, clean the handle with a clean cloth dipped in the bleach and water solution.

 This will allow for disinfection.
After the one hour is over, rinse your brush thoroughly in clean running water. Make sure that the bleach is washed off completely. It wouldn't be safe to use your toothbrush with traces of bleach on its bristles. Not even a smell of the bleach should remain.

To clean the handle, dip a cloth into the solution and use it to wipe the handle. Make sure to remove any dirt available. Swap slowly and take care not to dip the toothbrush body in water as it may cause an electric shock. Do not rinse in running water as you did with the head. This will be a really nice way to damage your electric brush.

CAUTION! Never clean your toothbrush while it is plugged in. Also make sure to use gloves while handling bleach.

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